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Daisy BOR Stitch Marker for Knitting~ in Horse Hair

Daisy BOR Stitch Marker for Knitting~ in Horse Hair

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For those horse lovers out there, you know the allure of those coarse strands. 

This BOR stitch marker, fits easily around the US size 10 needles shown in the picture.  They will fit a range of sizes for a fun whimsical organization.  

These are the most simple, pure stitch markers.  Provided by Daisy the sweetest horse on the farm.  She is always ready to be picked for any adventure and so sweet she is the love of the pasture.  Kind and good to the sheep and all pasture sharers, and will stand around happily to get love and just be with you. 

I wanted to keep them quite simple with just horse hair and a copper wire.  As you can see she has the mane of a Fjord pony most of the markers will be darker, but there may be some variegation to some.  This copper wire has a silver coating, so it doesn't look copper.  I didn't want to use anything like glue to keep them pure so you may be able to split hairs in the loop, but it is easy enough not to.  We hope you enjoy these little treasures. 

Materials:  Horse hair, copper wire


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