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Mischievous Marsh Angora Cloud

Mischievous Marsh Angora Cloud

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You will love this color, there is such a depth and richness to it.  However you may not know what hue it will turn next.  This is so like our boy Xerxes!  He is the patriarch of the warren at this time and his personality encompasses everything about his color and the name.  He is a bit mischievous often opening his door to the wide world, but then staying safe in his space instead of exploring more.  There is something soo sweet and deep about the older boys. 

This lovely color is all his fluff a natural black angora.  I love to watch as it takes the dye differently here and there on an already varied set of hues.  When I take it out of the pot it is one of my favorite things to watch unfold.  Angora tends to clump when wet, so I like to use the box picker my dad made to tease open the clumps and fluff them out into a cloud. 

Angora cloud is 100% prime angora, which is wonderful for spinning as is or blending.  The average stable length is 3” making it great for crafting a uniform yarn.  Each batch is dyed in 8 oz and I will make sure to keep batches together even though it is not a solid color.   If the lot is bigger than 8 oz. It is it's own blend.  Batches are dyed in the same manner with the same color, but a different bunny or combo will take the dye differently.  Just because the name is the same doesn't mean the color will be the same in the future.  

If you are in doubt of the color working for you I would like to send a sample to you.  E-mail me with your request.  

As if you couldn't tell I love dyeing and all of its complexity.  And I wish that the descriptions would be enough, but then I have to photograph it.  AnD I do my best, to represent the real fluff.  I wish that all monitors were the same, but even then I have a hard time capturing all that it is.  If you get your color and it won’t play nice with your project I totally understand.  Bunnies themselves can be kind of persnickety, it's not you just the way some of them can be.  Please don’t settle, just let me know, and we can work it out.     Thank you for your understanding. 

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