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Purplesly Angora Quarterly Subscription

Purplesly Angora Quarterly Subscription

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Where we will explore how wonderful angora is:    

  • Do you know how to maximize your angora?
  • Do you know why your angora wants to be free?
  • How can you cut down on fly away? 

In your mail will be angora fiber of course and some specific tools to make your own completed pieces. 

There is no previous experience necessary, with great content for all levels of fiber artist.   

When you sign up you will also be invited to the private Facebook Group where you have access for as long as you are a subscriber.   You will be able to ask any questions, and we will get together live after you get your subscription to get started on using your angora and tools right away. 

This is a quarterly subscription where the tools and techniques progress as you learn how to take your farm fluff to exquisitely glamorous wearable art.  There is something uniquely satisfying about going from grass to gorgeous.   

There are two mystery finished pieces in mind to showcase your angora.  However there is a lot of freedom and encouragement to take your fluff on another adventure as well.  Lots of support is available for either direction.

The Bunns and I can't wait share the fluff and see you in the Facebook group.    

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