To provide farm fresh fibers to the creative fiber artist in you.  Raising fiber animals is such a worth while endeavor, but I realize not everyone is able to do that.  I want to share the bounty-full fluff with those who also enjoy going from grass to gorgeous.  In my little farm business a lot of the funds pay back into making the animals happy, feeding my joy too.  I also have an affinity for France and a portion goes to supporting 2 missionary families over there.  


     I value being creative and having fun with friends.  Creation is so diverse I feel it is important to use the natural resources we have been given.  By understanding these unique fiber qualities we can make the most valuable pieces of art.  Knowing where the fiber comes from, and taking it from each part of the process to the next is a very satisfying adventure.   

Let me introduce myself: 

My name is Molly and I live on a little farm in Oregon with The Force and 3 Youngers.  We live large on our petite place, and the crazy ensues, but I'm thinking we wouldn't change a thing.  Life is so full, and we are so blessed.  As I mentioned above, I adore France I'm not sure there is a reason for a girl from Elgin to be so enamored, but my heart is drawn to France in a way I can't explain, providence provides a purpose.  

How I got started:

About 20 years ago I started knitting and haven't put it down.  My intention was to create some fun gifts for those I love.  Useful and valuable things I couldn't afford at the time. I have learned so much, honing my skills along the way.  When I started I didn't even know you tube existed, but learning for myself was a great way to solidify the skills that make a difference.   

Where I am now:

Since learning to knit I quickly saw the difference in making a piece with natural fibers, and I can't go back.  For me knitting lead to spinning, and spinning with the fiber I had at the time, angora fluff.  Spring boarding into wool when we got the farm. Enjoying the fluff led to felting.  Which I love - to create a natural fiber piece from raw with no waist is what I am all about.  While fibering with friends I have even dabbled in the weaving rabbit hole.