Collection: Thee Art in Me

This comes to you from Thee Art in Me - this little farm is home to our lovely German angora bunnies, and Icelandic sheep.  Our fun fiber animals live harmoniously with the other farm animals.  Any of the various processes are taken on right here on the farm, these I consider just one more step to beautiful. From growing fodder to finishing the sweater.  It is such a treat to pass the joy on to you. 

We have been sooo blessed here on the farm that sometimes to help the overwhelm I utilize some outsourcing of these processes.  My favorite way is through fair trade.  This yarn is a product of that kind of fun.  I send the fluff to one spinner, she keeps one half and sends the other half to me spun up. I give a description of what I want, but every time I get my portion back… Be still my heart.  I hope you enjoy.