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Bunny Trails Scarf - Pattern

Bunny Trails Scarf - Pattern

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Introducing:  An ethereal whimsical cozy knit with the bunns.  Here is an opportunity to break the rules and hop about in the world of silly stitches and angora yarn.  When I let the bunns out in the yard they hop about running here and there kicking out in silly anticks.  You can do that with a few obscure stitches like smocking stitch, and the bobble.  However there are only a few of these stitches and they don’t detract from three distinct sections hoppin on and off your needles.  These stitches and the opportunity to knit with angora lend itself to more of an intermediate knit, but if you just have to have this about your neck, there are all kinds of tutorials.  We can knit through this together.

Skills you will learn if you don’t know are:  Longtail Cast on, Knit, purl, Rib (2x2, 2x6), Slip Stitch, Smocking Stitch, Bobble Stitch

Suggested Yarn:  Angora Blizzard Co-op yarn – 85% Angora, 15% Cormo or Merino fingering + weight yarn runs 200 yards/ 2 oz.  I have some reservations to suggesting angora yarn for a pattern piece, but this will be the whimsical element that you can play with.  You may want to find a yarn with less angora and that is totally fine and perfectly understandable.  Or more angora - go big or go home - as you wish.

Suggested Needles: US 7 or 4.5mm wooden needles.  If you are using angora, I always suggest using a much larger needle size than your normal wool yarn would call for.  Angora bunnies are bouncy, and so is their fiber.  Your needle size may want to decrease according to your percentage of angora.

Guage: 20 Stitches across 4” X 24 Stitches over 4” 

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