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Angora fiber ~ Raw Wistful White

Angora fiber ~ Raw Wistful White

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German angora fiber is a treat.  Reaching into a bag of angora fluff is like a touch of angels hair.  Angora is simple in it's qualities and easy to work into so many projects. 

This Wistful White is easy to wheedle into your fiber arts.  One of the late farm yarn producers confesses to me that the key to their lovely yarns was just a bit of angora was worked onto every batch. 

10% Angora can be enough to know there is something subtly different, but not quite put your finger on it.  ~That means inside 1 lb of fiber 1.6 oz is angora fiber.

20% Angora contributes enough to show slight character of the bunny.   ~This means inside 1 lb of fiber 3.2 oz is angora fiber. 

30% Angora is enough to feel and see the difference you can be sure is angora.  ~This is 4.8 oz inside 1 lb of your whole blend.   

Fiber Artist prize prime angora for it's soft ethereal warmth.  A uniform stable length insures the most predictable behavior while you are creating.  I value the synchronized coat that I shear on a consistent 90 day time frame.  It yields angora fiber with minimal shedding if any.  Just be aware it is so light and fluffy it may hop away if you are not careful. 

All this fluff comes from bunnies that are fed intentionally with an Oregon sourced (but not too nearby) longevity formulated pellet, hay, treats from the garden, and fresh water.  Individually served, because I believe special attention is key to knowing each bunny. 

Each bunny is held on my lap while shearing.  I have found this to be the best way for me to make them feel secure while I give them a haircut.  I use a small gingher scissors or very quiet clippers to shear handfuls of gorgeous fluff that I grade on the spot while we listen to a podcast or book on tape.  There is nothing like a handful of one of the softest fibers you will touch right off the bunny.  And they love when the shearing is all done and they are light and free again.         


I have been loving this fluff for years. This is where it all started and where our little farm Thee Art in Me shines.  You can read all about the fun angora rabbits on the website  You may enjoy the article Utilizing Angora Fiber.

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