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Fair Trade - 100% Angora Beginner Handspun yarn

Fair Trade - 100% Angora Beginner Handspun yarn

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Every once in a while there is someone who needs to practice hand spinning ~ angora...

I love to help people find their inner fluffy passion.  It is a treat to have just the right fluff to make that happen.  When the bunnies are not quite 9 months their fiber is a bit softer and needs a bit more TLC.  This not baby fiber, but not adult fiber lends itself to be great practice fiber, and my special friends are the recipients.  From my fluff I receive half the yarn.

I do love finding the best purpose for many things here on the farm. Not wasting what I have been blessed with brings joy.  This super soft and slightly over spun yarn is the result of finding a great purpose.  

This yarn is from the bunns, but not spun by my hands. 

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