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Handspun yarn natural warm grey sport weight - 80% Wool 20% Angora

Handspun yarn natural warm grey sport weight - 80% Wool 20% Angora

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Sport weight yarn - 12 wpi

200 yds / 3 oz approx.

You are in for a treat.  If you haven’t used handspun yarn this is the cream of the crop in its natural color.  I would consider this a sport weight yarn at 12 wpi.  All of these skeins are 200 yds and approximately  3 oz.  If you are looking for a woolen handspun yarn this is so nice and squishy!  Perfect for your close to the skin garments.   

Baxter the Rambouillet/Icelandic sheep delivered the fleece that is nice and bouncy giving you a nice springy yarn.  There is enough angora from Brillig to notice in the blend.  This blend is such a nice combination.  This wool has enough of its own elasticity that even over time when annually given a refresh you will not see any growing.  Because of the bunny there may be some more blooming, but that will be the fun of it.  When considering a pattern this yarn will tend toward more hug, not drape.   

As a fiber farmer, crazy creator I cannot spin fast so I love to be able to do a bit of fair trading for a handspun yarn.  It is expertly spun from a fair trade exchange, and I could not be more pleased with the results. 

I tend to knit an angora blend with a bit more space on a bigger needle.  Angora likes freedom to bloom.  There is a slight variation in the weight of these skeins.  I would not be afraid of putting any of these together, but when you order and given the option I will put skeins with the same weights together or closest together.

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