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Purplesly Angora Spinning Kit

Purplesly Angora Spinning Kit

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Pick up the Angora spinning kit:

  • Choose 3 half oz of angora bunny fluff of different colors, ~  remember to put it in the comments or please email me your request.  
  • Thee Art in Me pen - to be used as the shaft of your drop spindle, and later to take notes of all the yarns that you will spin,
  • Hexagon disk-  as the whirl, marked with twist angle and direction and later to diz and keep as a reference while spinning. 

This is a light spindle, making it easier to get a thinner yarn with angora (also being light). 

  • You get initial instructions utilizing Teachable so that you can go at your own pace.  This gives you lifetime access so you can go back and watch any time.  
  • An invitation to the Purplesly Angora Facebook Group for live learning, inspiration, and continued assistance from myself and others.  This is also lifetime access so you can continue learning.  

This class is for:

~Those who haven’t spun before. 

You don’t have to have any previous experience to join this class.  We will start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…

~Those wanting to learn to spin angora.  

Even if you have spun before.  Even if you know how to spin, it is a good idea to come to think of a different approach.  I always learn better technique when I take a step back and slow down.  

~Those who don’t want to make the commitment to purchasing a wheel.  

I do love spinning on my spinning wheel, but it took me quite a while to find just the right one.  You don’t have to have a wheel to get a handle on spinning.  You don't have to commit to a substantial purchase to begin.  Starting small and within your means is a confidence builder in itself.

~Those who are considering buying an angora rabbit.

Having a vested interest in getting that fluff off the bunns makes for healthier bunnies.  Know what you will be getting into when you have a lot of fluff on your hands.  

~Those who already have the bunnies, and want to add value to their fiber. 

It is always a good idea to have more ways to use that fluff.  And though not everyone knows what to do with raw fiber, a lot more people know what to do with angora yarn.  

Why Angora and the drop spindle?  

I’m sure you have heard that starting with wool is the best, and I am not arguing that it’s not a good place to start.  But it’s not the only place to start.  There is something magical about creating with a fine fluff.  It does make your fingers sing…  And to be honest it is not better or worse as a beginning fiber it is just different.  

When you start out with what you love you will be more likely to continue, one touch of angora and you will know why you started here.  Inadvertently you are also teaching yourself what a fine fiber feels like. 

Using the drop spindle is an excellent way to begin your spinning journey.  It is a much less expensive way to see if this is the right craft for you.  It is a very forgiving piece of equipment and when you get proficient with it you will be making the same lovely yarn you can on a wheel.  

Starting slow has the advantage of allowing yourself to learn, then practice your technique.  That way you can get faster and more proficient at your own pace.  When you get faster and faster or transition to a wheel you will have an excellent foundation of what happens to make yarn.  

If you would like the ultimate spindle experience, please search out Jenkins spindles.  Mr. Jenkins is a wonderful craftsman, and you will notice his craftsmanship right away.  You have to go on ravelry to purchase a spindle from him, but it is well worth the effort.  I have a hard time describing how beautiful these spindles are and what a dream they are to spin.


As always please remember that different screens value color differently.  In al truthfulness mine looks a little washed out right now for some colors, but not for others.  If you are ever in doubt, and need a for sure match please email me directly and I will be happy to mail you a sample. 

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