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Love La Laine Yarn and Fiber Arts

Thee Bee-utiful Journey ~ Free

Thee Bee-utiful Journey ~ Free

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This is a little digital down load for keeping track of your fiber arts.  You will be so glad to look back over time and see all the wonderful things you have made.  I wish I had started sooner...

There is room to be creative in this journal, and also prompts to help you make sure you add all  the details. 

Not necessarily for writing out a pattern, more for keeping track of what you have done,  what you did, how it turned out, and where it is now.  

As the slightly fragmented shepherdess of this lovely business I don't always know if all of my links work.  Please let me know if you can't get to this downloaded.  It helps me out tremendously!!!  I will work on getting it fixed for you and the next one who would find this helpful. 

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