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Wool Baby Booties

Wool Baby Booties

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Presents for the present.  Looking for the gift that will be treasured?  This is everything the perfect baby gift should be.  Soft felted wool ready for baby toes.  With a gentle cuff of angora around each top.  The angora cuff comes from the bunns, spun chunky soft.  These have all been hand knit and felted 

The smallest booties are approximately 3 1/2 inches from toe to heel and are perfect for tiny feet.  In this size you get to choose from:  

Precious Pink with a white cuff ~ laced with a dainty purple ribbon.

Light Baby Blue with grey cuff ~ Laced with a blue grey ribbon of rugged silk .

Sweet Baby Blue with a white cuff ~ Laced with a blue grey ribbon of rugged silk.

Ruby Red Rumpus with a white cuff ~ Laced with a hot pink solid and shear ribbon. These are a very unique pair that my daughter claim are the cutest.  One is solid red with a pink-esk cuff.  The other has more of a Where's Waldo vibe at the top.  Making these one of a kind.     


The next size up is  4 1/2 inches from toe to heel:

Green Emerald with white cuff ~ with a paisley white, orange, green, red ribbon tie.  

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