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Boutique Blitz Rules of engagement ~

What you can expect:

  • You get email updates the week and day before the sale, letting you know the date and time.  If a text is easier for you, be sure to sign up for that kind of notification. Not always but Normally the Boutique we will open on a Saturday from 10am to 10pm US Pacific Time,1pm - 1am Eastern Time.  
  • The day of the Boutique Blitz you will be notified that the store is open.
  • This will send you to the site where you can see what we have been working to bring you.  Each description will have details about the item and the farm that it comes from.  Please read the description thoroughly.  I have invited a few of my fiber friends to round out your Boutique experience.  This gives you more options for more fiber fun. 

Shopping tips:

  • Putting an item in your cart is not a guarantee of purchase.  Since there are many people shopping at the same time items can be put into the cart, but are not “held”. 
  • Only a purchase will secure your item.  If there is a specific item you really want, you may want to purchase that item and go back to the shop to peruse. I will happily adjust and refund shipping when I combine your items.  

Shipping and Handling:

  • When checking out there may be a few extra quick questions that will help us out with the shipping of your items.  As a valued customer there are extra perks for checking certain boxes.
  • The different vendors ship from different locations so you will want to keep this is mind while you shop.  

The finishing touches:

  • You will receive some wonderful farm fiber products shipped to you or to your friend.  And the bonus is you are supporting small businesses.  You get the warm fuzzies and you give our hearts the warm fuzzies.  
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