What's in a name?

What's in a name?

I love a good name.

It lets you know that you belong, to be called by the name you were given or even a name that has evolved with you is a treasure.  Even if we don’t ever reflect on how good it is that we are known, it does feel good to be acknowledged by your name.  

I love to name the animals and the fluff colors.  A good name gives a good connotation over that animal.  It may even reveal something of the name giver.   And I believe a good meaning or a good connection with that name sets the tone for a lifetime.  In the same vein I have watched several people name their horse “Bucky” or “Tango” or “Sparky” or “Xena” warrior princess, and I have seen where that seems to lead.  

My prime example: We have a Daisy at our house, and you can just imagine what she is like.  She is a little Fjord / Quarter horse  cross that came while the kids were growing up, and she is a Daisy…  I grew up on the farm and am a horse crazy girl, but we are all different and my kids were much more intimidated by four hooves, big muscles, and that horsey smell of a horse.  In the early days when I would set the kids up on Daisy for the first 5 - 10 minutes.  There was loud wailing and stiff terror even though they wanted to be up there….  And she would just wait,  and wait,     and wait….  Then when the screaming subsided she would turn her head around to look at them almost saying “ok just let me know when you are ready.”  be still my heart.  Then when it was time she would ever so gingerly move one hoof half a step forward.  

She also has been the leading lady when we have farm day.  Whether it is little kids, young kids, or the differently abled she plants her feet and watches as they all mill around.  She is just as sweet as they come.  I have seen the kids almost under (this is not encouraged, but sometimes happens), and it is my favorite thing to watch her turn her head all the way back to see what they are doing.    I could go on and on over this sweet Daisy.

Also on this farm I am not afraid to change a name either.  One example is “Harley” a horse who came a little or a lot on the frantic side.  I thought yep that’s just what we need is a horse that thinks he needs to rev his engine and race everywhere thinking he’s bad to the bone.  So that swiftly got changed to “Charley”, not that he knew his name or would even consider coming to you if he did, I was ok with making it close but not quite.  He came with quite a bit of baggage, but he is working on fitting into his new name, and in his eye you can see “he wants to be a good boy”. 

Then there is my own name.  Given by my Marm and Dad it is why I know I belong.  And as sometimes happens over time there is a slight shift, almost a drawing endearment to “Mol” that doesn’t happen as often, but seems the more precious for it.  Even with my own children almost un-ushered in there is a slight change on the tongue  and I hope they miss it when they move out, the way I do.  Something no one else calls me, and I would probably not feel the same if they did.  It feels almost reserved for the ones who have put in the time to know who I am and get even closer to shift their view and try out a proximity that may even get closer to me. 

As you might imagine now: Picking my business name was no little task for me.  I hemmed and hawed over this choice that is a big deal for me.  It must mean something and not just anything, but have a deep meaning for me.  And as the queen of subtlety doesn’t have to reveal itself to the one who stumbles on it.  It can show a bit of what I do, but for the one who wants to stick around there can be a deeper meaning.  Almost a revealing of who I am and who I am meant to be.  And with this unveiling; come, see Thee Art in Me.

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